Our Sustainably Sourced CBD

We source our USA-grown hemp-derived CBD extract from Klersun in Oregon.


Klersun supplies hemp extracts; crude, full spectrum, distillate & specializes in non-detectable THC broad spectrum extract that's cultivated following organic standards & high quality genetics. Their hemp plants are grown and cultivated in accordance with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill).

Our supplier believes in regenerative agriculture - allowing the plants to be fully nurtured by natural sunlight, wind, moonlight and other biorhythms, thereby creating the highest quality and dynamic raw material.  They refer to this as ‘Sunstainably Grown™’.

By using nature's sunlight and natural seasons, it also supports their environmental initiative of responsible energy usage and impact. This is a big reason why we selected this supplier as it aligns with Eco Lips' mission and values. By choosing to grow this way, it further sustains our supplier's efforts in growing specific strains to further the advancement in research in how cannabinoids interacts with the human endocannabinoid system and to improve the lives of humans worldwide.

Klersun is committed to producing the finest and purest quality in the global market and working with the community to ensure that hemp becomes a viable crop to sustain our agricultural sector.


CBD Extract is created by CO2 Hemp Extraction and Ethanol Extraction.

On Site Testing: Each 5kg-net plastic pail (5 gallon) is tested three stages during final filling process. Each sample is thoroughly tested by 3rd party labs to qualify concentration levels.

The Hemp Plant Potential:


Their Mission: